“We are winegrowers before we are producers – this is our nature, this is where our deep roots lie.”

The Reverdito Winery was a founder and participates actively in the Piedmont Green Experience project, in which over 1,200 wineries were involved in experiments on vineyards, and now has more than 70 affiliated winegrowers in Langa, Roero and Monferrato. Green manuring and the implementation of mating disruption techniques, together with the ten fundamental Green Experience rules (which include, among others, protection of biodiversity and the natural environment, priority given to agronomic solutions and respect for the soil, elimination of chemical weeding between vine rows, traceability of controls and dissemination of useful pollinating insects), are at the basis of every agronomic choice made in the spirit of respect for nature and conservation of the environment, and are put into practice every day in the Reverdito vineyards.

Organic is possible. Often it is more difficult, certainly it is more laborious and, sometimes, even riskier. But those, like Michele Reverdito, who were born in the vineyard, know that devoting care and attention to their land is the best way to achieve good results also in the cellar

The Green Experience