“Over the years, experimentation in the cellar, professional curiosity and the evolution of my palate led me to develop my personal taste. Nowadays I am aware that the traits of my ideal wine are elegance, refinement and recognizability, which are the distinctive features of Nebbiolo, our most indigenous grape variety, vinified in the absolutely traditional way.”

The Reverdito winery’s production philosophy is based on two important prerequisites: optimal work in the vineyard, which results in bunches of grapes of exceptional quality, and the use of large vats and barrels (40 and 50 hectolitres) of the highest quality. Each of the seven Nebbiolo for Barolo cru is vinified separately and differently, according to the distinctive traits and characteristics of the vineyard of provenance. In the cellar, Nebbiolo grapes grown in the Reverdito vineyards are left free to express their most authentic nature and terroir of provenance, giving rise to seven Barolo labels, each with profoundly diverse features.

The large vats and barrels alternate in the cool, dim light of the cellar, flanked since 2016 by a number of cement amphoras for the vinification of Pelaverga grapes to make Verduno Pelaverga DOC.

Three Barbera labels, two vinified in large barrels ((Barbera d’Alba Butti and Barbera d’Alba Delia) and one in stainless steel (Barbera d’Alba DOC), complete the range of Reverdito wines, together with Langhe Nebbiolo DOC and Langhe Nascetta DOC, an authentic Langa white wine with yellow apple and citrus scents.