“Character, personality, elegance and faithfulness to the land of origin, without superfluous elements: these, in our opinion, are the fundamental features of a great wine.”

The range of wines produced by the Reverdito winery includes seven Barolo DOCG labels, a Langhe Nebbiolo DOC, three Barbera d’Alba DOC (one of which is Superior), a Verduno Pelaverga DOC and a Langhe Nascetta DOC.

La SerraBarolo Docg

Barolo Docg Bricco Cogni

Barolo DocgBricco Cogni

Barolo Docg Badarina

Barolo DocgBadarina

Barolo Docg Ascheri

Barolo DocgAscheri

Barolo Docg Castagni

Barolo DocgCastagni

Barolo Docg

Langhe Nebbiolo Doc Simane

Langhe Nebbiolo DocSimane

Barbera d'Alba DocDelia

Barbera d'Alba Doc Butti

Barbera d'Alba DocButti

Barbera d'Alba Doc

Barbera d'Alba Doc

Langhe Nascetta Doc

Langhe DOC Nascetta

Verduno Pelaverga Doc

Verduno Pelaverga Doc